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Sharpedge is based in Slovenia. They import and curate the widest and wildest selection of knives I have ever seen. Their passion for knives proves a little intense, and maybe a little disconcerning LOL. Chop away, bro. I'll still be here tomorrow...VANLIFE FOREVER

8 products found in SharpEdge

Sharpedge Basic SHARPENING SET [#1000&#3000 GRIT]
  • $119.99
  • $49.99
Sharpedge CUTTING BOARD [MAPLE & BEECH WOOD] End Grain Style
  • $199.99
Sharpedge KURO-UCHI AJIKIRI 100MM (3.9") Accessory Knife
  • $79.99
Sharpedge KURO-UCHI SANTOKU 170MM (6.7") Chef Knife
  • $109.99
Sharpedge SAYA SANTOKU [KNIFE SHEATH] - 190MM (7.5")
  • $39.99

Back soon

Sharpedge TAMAHAGANE "TSUBAME" KENGATA 190MM (7.5") Chef Knife
  • $249.99

Back soon

Sharpedge TAMAHAGANE "TSUBAME" PETTY 120MM (4.7") Accessory Knife
  • $169.99