First. Let me say THANK YOU :)
Thank you for taking the time to get to know who and what we are.
And that answer is simple... We are CLIMBERS. Through and through.
My name is Ulric and I started climbing when I was 15 years old. Without going into great detail, lets just say we had so little experience and understanding of the dangers associated with this sport that we soloed our first route to put up the top rope... (Don't worry, it was like 5.2 LOL)
Needless to say, that adrenaline shot, coupled with my parent's unrelenting pursuit of always bringing us (I have a younger brother) on their travels, from Hawaii to Japan to the Middle East and back (my Father was always in and out of conventions when I was a kid) ended up showing me what vanlife was, in the late 90's (Am I that old?). From Hueco Tanks to Potrero chico and El Salto (where I started developing like a bad outta hell) to jumps across the pond to France, Spain, Greece and the Balkans. Climbing, and the memory of jumping up and down on hotel beds, pushing all the elevator buttons @ the Radisson and watching my mom deal with the concierge, and always, letting us off the hook, gave me this life. Made me who I am today.
'Be true'. 'Tell the truth'. 'Worse they can say is NO!' 'Care about who you are with in the moment'. 'Never give up', were my mom's daily slogans and I carry them with me ever since I was old enough to hear them (which took about 30 years LOL).
The truth: This project of offering 'out of left field' products in America was on my work/idea pad for years. When we saw that no events (Psicobloc Open Series) were gonna be possible in 2020, we put this into gear. I put every last dime I had (and Visa, Mastercard even more so) and here we are.
Yes, we could have gone the way of the DODO and bought the same products as everyone else; your BD, Petzl, Prana bla bla bla, set up the shop in the same simple way, like all the cookie cutter shops you now find online.
The problem with that is... It was never going to happen anyway. The few who know me know one thing...I don't do things like everyone else. (like punctuation errors)
I am always trying to see how better we can make something, how further we can push it, how we can solve this and that (maybe it comes from taking apart all the televisions, microwaves and toasters my dad bought, cause I kept taking them apart LOL)
And that, is where it's at. I know most of you will browse quickly and leave. Not everyone is made for stardom. Not everyone wants to stand out. Not everyone wants to explain what they are wearing, take chances on new ideas, products and paradigms... That's ok. It takes all sorts of people to make up this world of ours.
But for those of you, the ice breakers, the rise at 5am, bushwhacking, road tripping, baby wipes at the ready, pee against a tree, use your shoes until your toes pop out peeps out there... This store is dedicated to you. I mean that.

Let me say it again.


I spent a lot of time in Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East. 
They get it over there. Or maybe, they get me? I don't know. What I know is...
In Italy for example, there are 24h outdoor vending machines, that sell condoms. Is that not just genius...
In Spain, if you are climbing with something other then locally sourced pants, you're a fucking alien... That and shitting at the base of all the routes LOL
My point here, is... You'll love the gear we have, almost as much as you like cookies, but you won't find any cookie cutter shit.
There are some really fucking cool companies out there. Small brands that make killer gear in a garage (Steve Jobs anyone?), and you don't know they exist. So small that the guy sewing the pants you bought actually picks up the phone for customer service when you call. I know, cause I called em'.
You want vanilla ice cream, you can find it at all 8000 Baskin Robbins world-wide. But if you want double nut chocolate-lime-fudge-nutella-capuccino flava, then you've come to the right place. NO vanilla here. Just original recipes to get you out there, climbing, looking good and feeling safe (and SEXY). And cause about 95% of everything we sell is made by workers being paid decent wages, like you, hell, you'll climb feeling better too.
I spent almost 30 years nurturing relationships with some of the best people on earth, and those people I met, 25 years ago living under the blocs in Fountain Bleu, well, now they make something (Crimp oil for example, is owned by my friend Caroline Sinno), own something, or run something, and those are my friends, and those are the brands you see here.
I am proud of what I did. I followed my gut, and I know I won't make a million dollars selling obscure gear for the wicked and the eccentric climbers out there... to you. But I sure am gonna keep my head high and offer something nobody else dares to take a chance on.
Hey, that sounds a little bit like what we do, no?
Fuck it, if it all goes to shit, well, at least I can say I tried. I didn't copy anyone, I went my own way. I'll sell my 60sqm condo and move into my van (I prefer it anyway)
Ill see you around. I'll be climbing right beside you next weekend, and make sure you say hi. I might have some free swag with me. Feel free to rant at me anytime. Gimme a call (+5146884348), email me or post something on social. Actually, review the gear, that's where it's at :)
Bye for now. AHHHH CIAO!


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